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Most accurate conversational AI technology in the Short Term Rental Industry.

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The revolutionary AI-powered extension that gives superpowers to your customer service agents.

Effortless Responses in a Click

Into’s AI analyzes customer inquiries, generating accurate responses in one click, saving your team time and effort.

Refine Your Drafts with Ease

Into polishes drafts, transforming words into a professional response—fixing spelling, grammar, rephrasing, and more.

Multilingual Mastery

Into breaks language barriers, responding in any language your customers prefer, ensuring global coverage.

Adaptive Tone & Mood Detection

Into masters language and communication, adapting to your brand’s tone and detecting client moods for tailored responses.

Summarize conversations to save precious time

AI summaries accelerate agent understanding, saving time, enhancing guest experience, and identifying improvement patterns.

Reporting & Analysis

Our platform provides the information needed to evaluate agent adoption and measure productivity gain.

More accurate answers

Prompt Engineering is an ongoing process that continually enhances AI accuracy. Our dedicated team monitors and maintains the quality of the responses.

From Co-Pilot to Auto-Pilot

Soon, AI will automatically handle all responses from hosts. However, full automation is not just a feature; it’s a process facilitated by INTO.


The most popular conversational AI in industry.

Price vary based on your number of listings, and the duration of your licensing contract.

Total Number of Users
Number of Listings (STRs)
Messages Sent using INTO

Gain efficiency

Equip customer service agents with an AI assistant that can answer any questions on property listings to immediately boost productivity by over 60%.

Reduce Costs

Better efficiency means a significant reduction of your operation costs. Take the opportunity to tackle new projects or reduce staffing.

Improve Quality

Our lighting fast multilingual AI assistant craft customer service answers while considering the tone of your messages to help standardize quality.


Don’t just take our word for it.

Ashley Banks

Director of Guest Experience at Roami

“The team is absolutely loving the product. It really cuts down time to answer guests. Also, the onboarding processes has been the best that our company had experienced so far. Thank you for making everything so easy!”

Eduardo Mandri

Co-Founder and CEO of Angel Host

“Love the simplicity of the service and the prompt customer support. We can’t imagine working without it.”

Sheryl Danica C Botin

Agent at Host & Keep

“I love to use INTO for Guesty, it makes my job so much easier. The Compose and Summarize features help me save a ton of time.”

Brandon da Costa

Portugal Portfolio

“Productivity has come up. Clarity in our messages I believe has also come up a lot”

Amanda Tedesco

Carolina Palm Vacations

“We shopped probably a dozen different AI and chatbot products and found INTO to be not only different, but best for our needs.”

Dale Smith

Host & Stay

“Our guest communication operation is approximately four times more efficient in answering questions.”


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Custom Development and Integration.

85% of execs say generative AI will be interacting directly with customers in the next two years according to The CEO’s guide to generative AI study.

INTO offers custom services to companies seeking additional features or wishing to integrate Conversational AI further into their solutions.

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Price vary based on your number of listings, and the duration of your licensing contract.

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