Add AI into Guesty to increase customer service productivity by over 60%

The revolutionary AI-powered extension that elevates your customer service game to new heights.

Effortless Responses in a Click

Say goodbye to endless typing and searching for the perfect response. Into’s advanced AI technology analyzes your customer’s inquiries and generates accurate, well-formulated answers in just one click, saving your team precious time and effort.

Refine Your Drafts with Ease

Got a draft but need some polishing? Into’s got your back. Feed it your draft and watch as it transforms your words into a polished, professional response – fixing spelling and grammar, rephrasing sentences, expanding or shortening content, and so much more.

Multilingual Mastery

Into transcends language barriers, understanding and generating responses in any language. No matter where your customers are from or what language they speak, Into has you covered, always responding in your client’s preferred language.

Adaptive Tone & Mood Detection

Into isn’t just a language expert; it’s also a Master of Communication. It effortlessly adapts to your brand’s tone and detects your client’s mood, ensuring a tailored and empathetic response every time.

Summarize conversations to save precious time

AI-powered summarization helps customer service agents quickly understand guest concerns by providing a summary of key points and issues raised in a conversation. It saves time and improves the guest experience, while also identifying patterns for process improvements.

Gain efficiency

Equip customer service agents with an AI assistant that can answer any questions on property listings to immediately boost productivity by over 50%.

Reduce Costs

Better efficiency means a significant reduction of your operation costs. Take the opportunity to tackle new projects or reduce staffing.

Improve Quality

Our lighting fast multilingual AI assistant craft customer service answers while considering the tone of your messages to help standardize quality.

Don't wait - upgrade your customer service experience with IINTO for Guesty today and leave your competitors in the dust!


Price may vary based on factors such as features set, number of properties and contract duration.

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