What is INTO for Guesty

Into for Guesty is an AI that integrates directly into the Guesty unified inbox. It helps agents save time by providing accurate guest responses that align with the brand and tone of the organization.

How it works

Into for Guesty is connected to your Guesty account. It currently uses listing, conversation, and reservation information to assist agents in answering guests’ questions.

Demonstrated features

  • AI suggested answers
  • AI generated answers
  • AI summarized conversations
  • Other AI features
  • Answer ratings and feedback loop


When the text box is empty, simply click the compose button and AI will suggest an answer to a question based on the property information, reservation information and conversation information.

AI will always generate the answer in the language of guest


AI will Generate an answer based on a draft or saved reply. It will also use the current conversation information to add context the answer.

Make sure you give AI enough context to obtain the desired out come!


You can ask AI to Summarize conversations to rapidly understand the context of the latest guest question or to keep an eye on your guest satisfaction for every single stay.

Answer ratings and feedback loop

Answer ratings and feedback loop. The more you use AI, the more it learns. You can also give it feedback to accelerate the training process.

Your feedback is important and it will help improve AI’s performance faster

Other AI features

  • AI can translate text in any language
  • AI can check spelling and grammar
  • AI can rephrase an answer
  • AI can make an answer longer
  • AI can make an answer shorter

Invest 6 minutes of your time to save hours per day, reduce costs, gain productivity, and increase the quality of answers to customers.

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