What’s New: Feature announcement

A Closer Look at Our Bullet Point Conversation Summaries – 15/11/2023

Recognizing the challenges presented by lengthy text summaries—leading to a time-consuming process of extracting details—we have implemented a new enhancement of the Summarize Feature. The new streamlined format, featuring clear and concise emoji-enhanced bullet points, makes it easier for you to quickly grasp crucial conversation elements with just a quick look.
This change is all about making things clearer and faster for you, so you can easily spot any issues and take action promptly.

Let’s uncover the key advantages that make this upgrade a significant shift:

1.Efficiency: The new format enables you to quickly extract essential information, offering a streamlined experience that saves you valuable time.

2. Clarity: The inclusion of emojis adds a visual layer enhancing focus and engagement

3. Accessibility: This enhancement caters to a broader audience, making the information more accessible to users who prefer a straightforward presentation.

At INTO, we believe that every interaction should be meaningful and effortless. We’re excited about the positive impact this change will bring to your daily operations and interactions.

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