What’s new: Feature announcement

Enhancing Accuracy with Listing Data Enrichment

At INTO, we understand the importance of accurate information in ensuring seamless communication between you and your guests. Our latest feature, Listing Data Enrichment, takes this commitment to a whole new level. Our team meticulously reviews every message generated by INTO and those sent by your super agents. This process allows us to detect and fill in any missing information, constantly refining our responses and, more importantly, enhancing the accuracy of the details that we communicate.

Why does this matter? It matters because your guests deserve to be well-informed. Our Listing Data Enrichment process goes beyond ensuring timely responses – it guarantees that the information shared is current and precise.

Imagine a scenario where a potential guest expresses interest in booking a property for a family vacation and specifically inquires about the availability of a playground for children. During the review process conducted by the INTO team, a missing detail is identified – the recent addition of a fully-equipped children’s playground.

Rather than overlooking this gap, our team promptly updates the listing in our database.
Now, fast forward to another situation where a different guest, planning a family getaway, sends an inquiry about the available facilities at the same property. Thanks to Listing Data Enrichment, the system seamlessly incorporates the updated information. The response not only confirms the presence of a playground but also highlights its recent enhancements, providing the guest with a more comprehensive understanding of the available amenities.

This real-life example illustrates the tangible benefits of the Listing data enrichment process. By proactively identifying and filling in missing information, INTO ensures that your communication remains reliable. We believe that by addressing the challenges of missing data, we pave the way for a more efficient guest communication.

Trust INTO to continue refining and advancing, empowering you with the tools needed to excel in the realm of guest interactions.