Introducing INTO Copilot

We’re excited to announce INTO Copilot, our new feature designed to transform your guest interactions. This enhanced AI engine brings a new level of accuracy and speed to your messaging experience, helping you respond to queries faster and with greater precision

Why You’ll Love INTO Copilot

INTO Copilot is the agent companion/user interface that increases agents adoption of AI and productivity.

How It Works

When you open a conversation, INTO Copilot will suggest a response to the latest guest message. Simply click on the button “Click to insert” to insert it into the text box. From there, you can send it as is or you can edit it , or use the compose menu to change the tone or rephrase as needed. This seamless integration helps you save time by allowing you to quickly respond without waiting for the system to generate a response from scratch.

Thank you for choosing INTO Copilot. We believe this new AI engine will transform your guest communication experience by making it faster and more efficient. We’re excited to see how INTO Copilot can streamline your workflow and improve guest satisfaction.