New Feature: Custom Message Signature

We are excited to announce the launch of our new “Custom Signature” feature. This feature is designed to add a personal touch to every AI-generated message by including a customizable signature at the end, giving your communications a human-like feel.

What is the Custom Signature Feature?

The Custom Signature feature lets you customize how AI-generated messages are signed off, adding a touch of warmth and personal attention to each interaction. This feature allows you to create a list of signatures to be used by our AI-engine.

How does it Work?

Only account owners and managers can configure the Custom Signature feature. To start, connect to your account through the customer portal using this Follow these steps to set up your custom signatures:

  1. Navigate to the “AI” section and select “Signature.”
  2. Activate the signature feature, then create a list of preferred valedictions. You can choose from options like “Best regards,” “Warm regards,” “Sincerely,” or anything that aligns with your brand voice.
  3. Decide the sign off which is the name you want to follow the valediction.

Once set up, our AI will randomly select from your list when generating messages, ensuring that each sign-off feels varied and natural, just like how a human would vary their message closures based on context or mood.

Why Use Custom Signature?

Here are some key benefits of using the Custom Signature feature:

  • Enhanced Personalization: By varying the signature, your messages mimic the natural variations in human communication, making guests feel valued and catered to.
  • Brand Consistency: You can align the signatures with your brand’s tone, maintaining a consistent voice that reinforces your brand identity across all customer interactions.
  • Increased Engagement: Personal touches can make your messages more engaging, increasing the likelihood of positive responses from recipients.